Amanda Pollak

Amanda Pollak

Amanda Pollak has been making highly acclaimed documentaries for Public Television for over two decades. She began her career working with award-winning director David Grubin. In 2001, she joined Insignia Films, where she produced the series, Reporting America at War. She then moved on to create over a dozen films for the national PBS history series, American Experience. Most recently, she wrote and directed Space Men, about explorers who ventured by balloon into the stratosphere and helped pave the way for the American space program. She is currently producing and directing The Great War, a six-hour series for the American Experience that explores America’s impact in World War One and the war’s impact on America.

In addition to her work for the American Experience, Pollak directed the fourth episode of Henry Louis Gates’ PBS series, Faces of America, and produced PBS’s Constitution USA with Peter Sagal, a four-part series that premiered in 2013. More recently, she was part of the founding team for Retro Report, an online series featured on The New York Times website, which combines documentary storytelling with shoe-leather reporting to peel back the layers of some of the most intriguing news stories of our past.

Her work has been seen by a wide national audience, heralded by the media and recognized with three Emmy Awards, a Cine Golden Eagle Award, and the George Foster Peabody Award.

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