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After Bush V. Gore

We produced this piece for Retro Report about the legacy of Bush V. Gore, 16 years later.

Read more about it in the New York Times.

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Space Men airing March 1 on PBS

Before the days of NASA, scientists and researchers at the U.S. Air Force were testing the limits of how high man could fly. Though largely forgotten today, balloonists were the first to venture into the frozen near-vacuum on the edge of our world, exploring the very limits of human physiology and human ingenuity in this lethal realm. “Space Men” premieres March 1 at 9/8c on PBS.

Our latest production for Retro Report

Read about our latest production for Retro Report on the F-35 fighter jet in the New York Times

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If You Missed The Big Burn…


Listen to director, Stephen Ives, and author, Timothy Egan, talk with Doug Fabrizio on KUER’s Radio West about The Big Burn. 

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Edison in the News

“A well-chosen collection of historians and other experts take us through Edison’s life, from his birth in Ohio in 1847 to his death in New Jersey in 1931. ” – The New York Times

“American Experience: Edison’ Captures the Inventor’s Practical and Imaginative Spirit” – Pop Matters


“What more could there be to say about a long-dead American icon who generated reams of newspaper stories in his lifetime, inspired scores of biographies — the first of them written when he was just 31 years old — and left behind millions of pages of archival materials?

1919: Edison in his chemistry lab holding the "Edison effect" bulb.

1888: Edison speaking into a cylinder phonograph, West Orange.

As it turns out, plenty more.” – The Record

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The Big Burn in The New York Times

Promethean Fire, Smoldering Still by Neil Genlinger Jan. 31, 2015

The great fires in American history are generally identified with a city or a building: Chicago in 1871, Boston in 1872, the Iroquois Theater in 1903, the Triangle shirtwaist factory in 1911. But a wildfire in August 1910 in the northern Rockies dwarfed all of those in geographic scope. An episode of “American Experience” on Tuesday on PBS that examines that blaze borrows one of its nicknames for its title: “The Big Burn.”

The fire burned more than three million acres in Idaho, Montana and Washington, destroying several towns and killing at least 85 people, many of them firefighters. The United States Forest Service had only recently been established, its purpose and support in Congress both still uncertain. The program (whose source material includes a book by Timothy Egan, a columnist for The New York Times) traces not only the devastation but also its role in giving the fledgling service credibility. Most interesting are the fire-suppression practices that emerged in the aftermath, policies that more recently have come into question.

Members of the 25th Infantry helped fight a raging wildfire in 1910. Credit The Museum of North Idaho

Members of the 25th Infantry helped fight a raging wildfire in 1910. Credit The Museum of North Idaho

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Behind the scenes of Edison’s Lab

Much like Edison himself, we tinkered with tools to recreate scenes from Menlo Park. Take a look below at some of the images we captured on set, and stay tuned for information about the release of Inventing Edison.

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Behind the scenes of the “Big Burn”

It took 3 days to build Pulaski’s cave. Take a look at some of the images from the shoot. “Pulaski led his men through the inferno, until, at last, he came to one of the old mining shafts along the creek. “In here,” he ordered, his hand on his sidearm, “everyone inside the tunnel.”   After an agonizing moment of indecision, forty-four men rushed into the opening and threw themselves on the ground.” – an excerpt from The Big Burn, airing on PBS this Fall.
Measuring Focus Lighting the fire

Prepping the cave

Some light reading

Some light reading for one of the Forest Rangers…


IMG_5959 IMG_5972IMG_6003    IMG_6036

Director Stephen Ives with Cinematographer Michael Chin on set in Colorado for the “Big Burn.”  It was a cold morning in April, but it made for some beautiful footage.

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Stephen Ives on set for Retro Report

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our newest project. Pierre Sprey gives us a tour of the Naval Air Museum for our current Retro Report in production.


Filming in Wallace, Idaho


Check out our camera rig while filming in Wallace, Idaho for our upcoming film, The Great Fire of 1910. We were able to capture some spectacular views. Be sure to check out our website to stay up to date on the progress of this film.

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