“Never before has the path of James Earl Ray and its convergence with Dr. Martin Luther King been so thoroughly examined as in American Experience: Roads To Memphis.”
 Huffington Post



This feature-length documentary film tells the wildly disparate yet fatefully entwined stories of an assassin, James Earl Ray, and his target, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., against the backdrop of the seething and turbulent forces in American society that led these two men to their violent and tragic collision in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968.

Roads to Memphis is told through eyewitness testimony from King’s inner circle and the officials involved in Ray’s capture and prosecution following an intense two-month international manhunt. The first film to explore the mind of King’s elusive assassin, Roads to Memphis is both an incisive portrait of America on the brink of political and social crisis, and a cautionary tale of how the course of history can be forever altered by the actions of one individual.