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Amato: A Love Affair With Opera
Amato: a love affair with opera is a film about one of New York’s cultural landmarks, the Amato Opera Company, and the remarkable couple — Tony and Sally Amato — who have made it their life’s work for the past fifty years. Sandwiched between a gas station and the famous rock club CBGB’s, in the heart of New York’s Bowery, the Amato operates out of a tiny brownstone, performing classical operas on a stage barely larger than a living room. Our 60-minute documentary film explores the rich history of this stalwart little company through a focus on its 50th anniversary season. The film is at once an intimate portrait of the gracious, exuberant and feisty octogenarians who founded and run the Amato, an appreciation of their endearing and idiosyncratic institution, and an exploration into the mutually-sustaining relationship between the company and its devoted urban community.

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