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Don Kleszy
Don Kleszy is an award winning film editor whose last project for Insignia was the acclaimed American Experience documentary Space Men, directed by Amanda Pollak. In 2014, Don was the recipient of the IDA Award for Best Editor, honoring his work on Rory Kennedy's Academy Award nominated feature documentary Last Days in Vietnam. Don also received a 2016 Emmy nod for his work on the film. In addition, many of the docs Don has edited have received Emmy nominations, including Makers: Women in War, directed by Rachel Grady; The Poisoner’s Handbook, directed by Rob Rapley; and Oswald’s Ghost, and Guerrilla: the Taking of Patty Hearst, both directed by Robert Stone. Don has also edited dramatic shorts, commercials and music videos, with clients running the gamut from M&M’s to Nam Jun Paik.

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