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Gene Tempest
Writer / Producer
Gene Tempest is an American filmmaker and historian. Her writing has appeared in The Boston Globe and The New York Times. A coeditor of Une Histoire De La Guerre (2018) and a former contributor to the French magazine L'histoire, Gene is a screenwriter on the forthcoming PBS documentaries American Veteran and Citizen Hearst, as well as the coproducer of the PBS miniseries The Great War, which premiered in 2017. She received her BA from the University of California at Berkeley, and her PhD from Yale University, where she won the Hans Gatzke Prize for her work in military history. She has taught at SUNY Cortland and Boston University, and from 2016-2017 served as the first ever Historian in Residence for American Experience at WGBH-Boston, where she helped fund and develop new history programming for public television.
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